What Items To Bring On A Trip To China

China is a beautiful country that is certainly more than just a Great Wall. With several dynasties worth of monuments and temples there are no shortage of destinations. However not every area in China offers the same items you might expect. There are a few things you can pack before you leave in order to make sure you spend your time looking at the sights rather than looking for a store.

When traveling in the US and Europe you may take for granted how easy it is to hop down to the corner store to buy aspirin or something to help an upset stomach. Depending on where you are in China you may have trouble finding the standard over the counter remedies. Given the water quality in China it is quite possible that you may experience some bowel issues so be sure to bring something to help with that.

Secondly, be aware of the season in China. With a country as large as China you can experience a wide range of temperature so be sure to pack your clothes accordingly.

Lastly if you plan on bring electronics such as a computer or phone be sure to purchase the correct power adapter otherwise your battery life will be short lived.

With some smart packing you are sure to have a fantastic visit.