What Items To Bring On A Trip To Japan

What Items To Bring On A Trip To Japan. A good thing to bring to Japan with you is some Yen. Yen is the currency that is used throughout Japan, so it is a very good idea to always carry Yen on you. Some places in Japan may not accept credit cards, so this is another incentive to bring Yen around with you wherever you go in japan. Exchange your dollars for Yen before you leave the airport in your country.

This may sound dumb, but try to bring comfortable shoes that you can easily slide on and off. The reason for this is because many places in Japan likes to make sure guests have their shoes off indoors, as this is Japanese culture.

Pack loose fitting clothing. The reason for this is because a lot of restaurants in Japan require guests to sit down on pillows or mats. Wearing loose fitting clothes provide more comfort than tight clothes if you have to eat sitting down on pillows or mats.

Another thing you will want to pack for your trip to Japan is a handkerchief. This is a good idea because most Japanese bathrooms have no hand towels or hand dryers, so you’ll be able to user your handkerchief to dry your hands.