What Items To Bring On A Trip To Uruguay

Hopefully Eli Roth hasn’t terrified too many travelers from the horizon-expanding cultural experience staying in a hostel can provide (not to mention Eastern Europe all together, which is quite lovely to be honest).  Less expensive and more sociable than traditional hotels in uruguay, hostels cater particularly well younger crowds, at least those young at heart, who might be more budgeted in their sightseeing, not to mention more open minded and appreciative of meeting new people along the way.  Traditional hostels are rental based operations, allowing newcomers to rent a bed or bunk bed in a dormitory type-setting, often sharing a bathroom, Direct TV channesl in Port Townsend, lounge and or kitchen with the other occupants.  Though the term “Youth Hostel” is commonly assigned most hostel accommodations, it’s actually a misnomer.

In most countries, there will be no I.D. checks to make sure any renter is under a certain age (not to say you won’t need some sort of identification just to check-in). Of course, with a hostel’s more relaxed, informal environment, those who choose to stay there must be more careful with their possessions.  While it can be great to meet interesting new people over the course of your travels, bear in mind that these people are, in fact, still strangers.  Common sense should apply in regards to leaving valuables out in the open or in easily accessible hiding places.

Careless young travelers are easy targets for pickpockets and small-time thieves.  Also, privacy may be an issue for some, as shared accommodations creates a more open environment, less shielded to excessive noise or lifestyle choices some may find unappealing.  On the other hand, for many college students and recent graduates who are perhaps more accustomed to similar living situations, a hostel is little more than a familiar cheap stay in a land far away.   For anyone with a sense of adventure and limited checking account, a hostel is arguably the best way to see a foreign country at an affordable price.