What Items To Bring On A Trip To Venezuela

When you are going on a trip to a foreign country like Venezuela, it is essential to remember to pack everything. If you forget something, it is not like you can go back home to pick it up. You will be stuck with making do without it or buying a replacement in Venezuela. Here is a look at some items that are essential to bring with you to Venezuela.

The first thing to bring with you is cash. The Venezuelan people are hungry for US dollars, so you will get a very favorable exchange rate if you bring cash with you. Also, be sure to bring a Spanish-English pocket dictionary with you to help you to interact with the locals.

Venezuela is in the tropics, so be sure to brig strong sunblock with you. If you have never felt the sun this close to the equator, then you have no idea how strong it can be. Protect yourself by bringing stronger sunblock than you normally use.

You don’t need to pack much clothing, but what you do pack should be hot-weather clothing. Be sure to bring lots of swimsuits to enjoy the beautiful Caribbean Sea that laps the shores of Venezuela.