Sample Itineraries

Here are a couple of sample itineraries to give you a sense of what your night could be like! We’re working with live music, which changes night to night, so itineraries will depend on what type of music you like and where that’s happening on a given night.

Each itinerary is curated to your tastes. We balance what you like for food and music and we try to add in some of the local hidden gems that are in the general area that you’ll be for the night so you can really get a feel for the neighborhoods you’re in!

Actual itineraries will have a timeline, maps and links to all the places you’re headed to.

Relaxing evening strolling through SF neighborhoods, enjoying fantastic food, drinks and lively jazz

Start the evening at a little known local spot to catch the sunset and take in spectacular views of the city. Stroll to dinner in the Castro and enjoy renowned, mouth-watering, Indonesian food.

Take another rambling walk through the historic Castro district on your way to a local jazz club with fantastic, free live music. Enjoy wine, beer or cocktails while you take in the show. Sneak away and end the night with some artisanal ice-cream in charming Cole Valley.

Party it up hipster-style in the Mission

Start off just before sunset with rooftop cocktails, tapas and views of the surrounding city. Work up your dinner appetite checking out gorgeous, nearby street murals.

Dine on exquisite mexican fusion food in an art-filled, charming restaurant

Stroll to a European-style live-music cafe and take in some swing music while enjoying a glass of beer, wine, tea or coffee.

Stop at a wine-bar for delicious chocolate flan a la mode.

Feel like partying it up late-night? Head a bar for upbeat live Funk music! Or to a different spot for an Afro-Caribbean dance party! Or yet another spot for Indie rock. So many options!