Travel Wirelessly

While a good vacation should feel wireless in the “no strings attached” sense of the word, in terms of technological advancements, wireless internet is changing the way people travel the world over. From cell phones to shiny new tablets, there’s no right or wrong way to access the internet at home, on the move or abroad, rather a plethora of methods at your disposal. However, with more opportunity comes a greater risk that either coverage plans or the technology itself will be misunderstood, resulting in unwanted, unintended charges.

Here are a few tips to safeguard against common wireless internet user errors.Turn off data roaming For most wireless provider packages, your data usage plan will not apply internationally. Instead, you will most likely be subject to the local service provider and whatever default charges are offered (generally not in your best interest). As a result, minimize your data consumption when traveling outside the country. This includes internet usage and many apps you would otherwise use with frequency.Use free wireless when offered Many airports, such as Las Vegas, for example, offer free WiFi service. When available, this will enable you to switch out of data usage mode and instead rely on free internet. This can provide some relief in airports abroad, or other similarly generous establishments, helping to circumvent outrageous aforementioned data charges. Let friends and family know you’ll be gone When your phone rings less and/or you’re receiving less emails, the temptation to use your wireless device as you normally would is reduced accordingly. Plan ahead and handle any pressing matters in the weeks before your trip.Though technology is meant to reduce stress and, in some cases, actually save money, coming home with a large wireless bill as your most expensive souvenir is no way to cap off your travel experience. Remember, there’s really no such thing as a “smart phone,” only smart people.